I'm a bit late to the party; I only started instagramming in January. 2015.

Pretty much all I knew about Instagram, is that it was a visual networking tool, and had been told that as someone in the creative industry with a lot of visual goodness to hand, I should definitely get on board and start sharing. Every time this came up, I wondered whether I really had time to add another social media hole to my belt.

In January we packed up and departed dear Sydney after two years, for a road trip around south west Australia, on our way back to England. It's hard to put into words just what it was we fell for during our time in Oz, difficult to pin point; something about the light and the big skies, the fierce ocean, the sparsity of the population, the down-to-earth warmth of the people and the sense of opportunity and optimism. As our flight took off and over the following months I experienced a profound sense of loss at leaving it all behind.

It was at this time that I started instagramming regularly, really taking notice of beauty every day, in whichever form, whatever I was doing. I wanted to capture it, and be consciously thankful for it all.

Not only have my eyes been opened to what immediately surrounds me, but Instagram also presents me with a constantly updated portfolio-in-my-pocket of inspiration and artistry, generated by the people I follow.

Six months on I am delighted to have built up this precious album, a visual diary documenting my memorable everyday. Instagram has filled a hole I didn't know was there, and contrary to my concerns, it takes but a moment to partake; an instant, if you will.