A very happy Easter to all! Here is my Easter craft for this year; wool felt eggs in a delicious range of hand-dyed shades.

Each egg measures 7cm high, and is constructed from four identical leaf-shaped panels, stitched around a styrofoam base, so they are lightweight; perfect for hanging from your seasonal spring twig tree. Alternatively, pile them up in a simple dish to create an eye-catching centrepiece.



We would have loved to have shared a birthday cuppa with Grandma, but in our absence we made her a table mat for her tea pot, so that she'll know we are thinking about her when she has her next one. 

My 6-year-old was watching me make a felt wall hanging for another gift (post to follow), and set about cutting up my leftover scraps to spell out 'Grandma'. He was getting a bit frustrated with the curved letters so I helped him with those, but the rest he laid out himself. He thanked me politely for adding the embroidery as if he were my client. The pleasure's all mine sir. The finished mat measures 9" x 9".

The process is as follows:

1. Cut and lay out your letters onto your felt base (midnight blue in our case).

2. Glue them in place with craft glue/PVA. Flatten under books to dry.

3. Choose and cut your felt border to go above and below your message (see above - we used cornflower blue).

4. Once the dark-blue-with-letters felt is dry, glue along the reverse top and bottom edges, and attach them to your two pieces of edging felt (cornflower blue). Again, flatten under books until dry.

[ TIP: I lay greaseproof paper under and over my felt while it dries, so that if any glue seeps out it won't attach the project to my books. ]

5. Once the table mat is dry, you can add your embroidery. I did a very small running stitch along each letter, and seed stitching to cover the cornflower blue sections.

6. The back of the mat looks fairly messy at this point. To cover your knots and backs of stitches, cut a square of felt slightly smaller than the size of the finished mat (2mm narrower on each edge), and glue all over. Press this backing felt to the back of your table mat and once again, dry under books overnight.

If you're feeling ambitious you could make a whole set of placemats. Or a spectacle case. Or a small key fob. Or a bedroom door sign. Or a framed initial for a special friend. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy.