This shop is amazing. Society 6 is like a giant Pinterest page of all my favourite images, stuck onto cushions, t-shirts, shower curtains, bags etc. It's as simple as that.

I found myself idly browsing their wall clocks this weekend. Some way in, I calculated that they actually have over 2000 to choose from. Two thousand. That kind of investment can't be for nothing, so I decided to share a selection of my nine absolute favourites, and another nine that would be a great addition to any kid's space, so that I wouldn't feel like I'd been wasting my time. Me? Time waste?

And the best part? They are only $30 and currently ship internationally for free - but only until the end of today! Yikes. Best get ordering.



Don't ask me to edit their shower curtains; according to their website, they have "hundreds of thousands" of designs to choose from. Please go ahead, be my guest...

All images from Society 6.