I co-ordinated an auction art project for my son's Yr 3 class, on the theme 'Australia', which they were studying at the time, focussing on four classic areas; outback, rainforest, ocean and aboriginal art. The class was split into four groups, given inspirational images relating to one of the areas, and a colour palette of paints to match. They got creative for an hour, and I then sliced the finished works into triangles, collaging them back together to create an Australian scene, complete with Uluru, sunset and sail boats in the harbour. The paintings took a couple of hours to measure and cut but I did a few at a time using a cutting board and scalpel (never one to miss a shortcut). Their enthusiasm was exciting, and their use of colour was generous and bold, resulting in a striking final piece. Kicking ourselves that we didn't bid!

Final piece, measuring 70x100cm: