Henry (age 8) was struggling to think of what to cover yet another new school book this term with (it's hard being eight). I suggested a self portrait, which he thought was a good idea. After drawing himself, he asked me to reduce the picture down in size, filling an A4 sheet with them so that he could draw himself in nine different guises. I kept the mini copies light in colour so that he could draw over them easily. Here's what he came up with.

Sir Willoughby from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken.
Thank you Nancy, he loved it.

Gwin, from Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke.
Aunty Salt, you did very well; he is now obsessed. As am I.

Pops has never had more hair than in this rendering. He'll be delighted.

Yaya, you look beautiful in your blue and black necklace and matching earrings.



I co-ordinated an auction art project for my son's Yr 3 class, on the theme 'Australia', which they were studying at the time, focussing on four classic areas; outback, rainforest, ocean and aboriginal art. The class was split into four groups, given inspirational images relating to one of the areas, and a colour palette of paints to match. They got creative for an hour, and I then sliced the finished works into triangles, collaging them back together to create an Australian scene, complete with Uluru, sunset and sail boats in the harbour. The paintings took a couple of hours to measure and cut but I did a few at a time using a cutting board and scalpel (never one to miss a shortcut). Their enthusiasm was exciting, and their use of colour was generous and bold, resulting in a striking final piece. Kicking ourselves that we didn't bid!

Final piece, measuring 70x100cm:



What an enjoyable week I've spent designing and creating the website for my sister's new venture, The Wedding Words. As the final tweaks were tweaked on Friday morning prior to the UK Valentine's Day launch, we passed a companionable three hours (THREE HOURS) on skype, perched in the corners of one another's computer screens, ironing out all the visual and technical creases. Her other last minute consultants were based in Singapore and America. What a brilliantly clever world we live in.

If you find yourself in need of some words to perfectly articulate your special occasion, send her your requests; she really is pretty good at this stuff. There's currently a 1/3 off launch promotion to be had if you're one of the quick ones!

Creating the artwork:

The Wedding Words creates the wording. Designers to transfer these wonderful words onto your wedding stationary are recommended on the website.