Still obsessed. Whether clean and cool, colourfully crafted or bejewelled and elegant, the feather is able to master pretty much any look. Here is a collection of best-loved be-feathered items that have piqued my interest over the past few weeks. 

1. Tom Ford's beautiful Ombre Feather Bag, via Purse Blog.
2. Perfect for many a dress-up; felt headdress, by Lori Marie at Pretty Little Things.
3. Fowl watercolour, by Michelle Morin of United Thread.
4. Classic vintage movie poster, by graphic legend Saul Bass.
5. Tiny silver and brass beauty, by Nautical Wheeler Jewelry (please may I have this for Christmas?).
6. Roberto Cavalli's covetable flamingo collar, via Laura's Humble Abode.
7. Chunky textile chain by artist Megan Whitmarsh.
8. Screen print for a newborn, by Baby Jane Designs.
9. Bizarro 1900's ride-on felt Swan by Steiff, via The Supplemental.
10. DIY paper feather garland kit, by Kaye Blegvad.