There's nothing I like doing more on the beach than sifting for treasures; I've done it for as long as I can remember. I don't often even keep the shells, I just enjoy the hunt. Here are a series of recent hauls from Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Shute Island and Blacks Beach.



Ok, I take it all back, Queensland is amazing; one of the most beautiful and diverse places I've had the pleasure of visiting, and I only saw one shark, one massive lizard and two snakes. In fact, the most alarming experience was hand-feeding an emu; another tourist assured me it was safe, generously thrusting his bag of animal food at me, but the crazed look as the bird eyeballed me, cocked its head, and proceeded to head-butt my outstretched palm repeatedly with its open beak, is something that will stay with me. Don't even get me started on the Cassowary and its dagger-like third toe...

Here are a few of our roadtrip highlights from Cape Tribulation to Mackay (maybe get a cup of tea).

Waterfall swim

The prehistoric Cassowary
The maniacal Emu
Brain coral at the Great Barrier Reef
Mission Beach
The rugged, beautiful Whitsundays
Broken coral beaches
Whitehaven Beach, the whitest beach ever; 98% pure silica
Blacks Beach

Hello again Sydney! Another beautiful day.

All photographs copyright Robert Adam.