Here's a quilt I made for the gorgeous Remi when he was born. For those of you keen to try a patchwork project but who feel daunted, you needn't; this project is for you. It's probably the easiest kind of patchwork quilt you can make. I say easy; the instructions below indicate otherwise, but if you have some basic sewing knowledge, this should at least help you with the process.

(Excuse the crumples!)

I don't have a photographic 'how to' of this, as I only took photos after the project was finished, but in essence (confusing sequence of bullet points to follow) this is what you do:

Quilt front:
- Cut 20cm squares from a variety of printed cottons (I use a very sharp scalpel and a cutting mat for precision and speed). Work out how many squares you'll need to make the size quilt you'd like.
- Lay out the squares to create your desired composition.
- Machine stitch your squares together into rows.
- Turn your fabric face down, and open the seams out flat and iron.
- Stitch your ironed rows together. Turn face down again, open seams and iron flat.
- Basic quilt front COMPLETE.

Applique (optional):
- At this point you can add your personalised applique. I use Bondaweb for this, followed by machine stitching around the edge, and seed stitch to finish.

Preparing quilt layers:
- Iron your finished quilt front carefully, and measure it.
- Cut the back of your quilt from a single piece of cotton fabric, the same size as the front.
- Cut the quilt batting/wadding to the same size. I use a bamboo/cotton blend.
- Lay these three quilt layers on top of each other, sandwiching the wadding in the middle. So, the 'quilt back' should be face down, followed by the layer of wadding, followed by the 'quilt front' face up.

Joining layers:
- Loosely baste these layers together (you will remove these basting stitches after you've secured the layers together) so they don't shift as you add the finishing stitches.
- Sew layers together by stitching through all three layers at once. I put my joining stitches (orange) in the corners and centre of each square. Tie each stitch into a secure knot on the front of the quilt. Cut threads, leaving ends about 1cm long.

Binding quilt edges:
- Cut four 5cm wide strips of fabric, slightly longer than the four edges of your quilt, to use to bind the edges. These will hide the rough edges of the quilt, giving it a smart finish.
- Attach these fabric strips like this then this.

You didn't make it this far? I don't blame you; visual 'how to' on my next quilt. Happy Monday!