My sister and my sister-in-law have both moved from flats to houses this month. I'm not jealous at all *wails*. I'm not jealous of their multiple bedrooms, their gardens and en suites, and I'm most definitely not jealous of the antique market and junk shop finds my sister keeps joyfully emailing me. Nope, not at all jealous. Really.

Living in our rented garden-less flat has its benefits; hours spent on house renovations, clutter-juggling (we moved here with two suitcases apiece), and gardening, are now occupied by adventurous outdoor pursuits, but I do mourn the creative freedom that owning your own property affords. Not to worry though because in my head I actually live here. One day, it will all be mine. 

1. Lundby doll's house via Circa Obsolete. This renovated retro doll's house was found for sale on ebay. What a find.
2. Re-purposed trunk; 'The Hotel' by Bo Christian Larsson.
3. Play area in Emilia's house, photographed by Jenny of Dos Family.
4. Treehouse inspired bunk prototype by Aalto+Aalto, via Dobranoc Pchly Na Noc.
5. I'd love one of all the houses I've lived in. Custom made mobiles by Kim Baise.
6. Ideal house-warming gift; 'The Nomads' by Sarah Ogren via Society6.
7. Double-sided paper wall ornament, by Karin Kramer, of Eddy & Edwina.
8. Tiny Christmas house decoration by Hello Sandwich, via Hand Made Love.
9. Houses on stilts are perfect for hiding my nightmares; 'Night House' by the incredibly talented Amy Borrell.
10. An oldie but a goodie; 'House With Bell Tower' by Egon Schiele, 1912, via Drawing Detail.