An Eye On: OCEANS first regular blog feature! It's called 'An Eye On'*, and will be a collection of things of brilliance or beauty that have caught my eye each week.

I'm kicking off with 'the sea'. With our destination for next year currently uncertain, I have found myself day-dreaming about the water, of late. Whether sailing (paddling) in our boat (inflatable kayak), jumping the waves, or camping on the shore, we never seem to be far away. It's so great being a hop, skip and a jump down the road. With this on my mind, I thought I'd share a selection of my favourite oceanic artworks.

1. Hypnotic vintage drawing 'Throbbing Pulse', by Louise Bourgeois, 1944, via Accordian File.
2. Perfectly simple screen print; 'View from the Pink House', by Andrew Holder.

3. Clever print of 3D stitched collage 'Passage', by Selflesh.
4. Textile ocean tumbling into the room; 'Ocean' by Ana Teresa Barbosa via Nomuramaya.

5. It's whale spotting season; typographic print by Lim Heng Swee of ilovedoodle.
6. LOVE this naive depiction of a whale by Yusuke Yonezu.



It's (one of) Sonny's kindergarten teacher's birthday tomorrow, so while she had her day off on Friday, the children each decorated a paper flower with a birthday message. Among my favourites were a passionate "I love you so much Mrs A" and a what-did-she-tell-me-to-do-again "daer James Happy birthday".

I collaged their artwork onto the front of a heavy cardstock card, mounting some of the messages onto plain contrast-coloured flowers. I bent some of the petals up to create a 3D meadow of birthday greetings.



As gold's still firmly on the trend radar for 2014, and I'm in no way tiring of it, I thought I'd share a few of my current crushes; foil prints, semi-precious rocks, zigzags & triangles, hand-engraving, polished surfaces, glitter and gilding. 

1. Covetable foil print 'Je Ne Regrette Rien' by Luciana, via Cocorosa.
2. Oil painting; 'Pyrite 2', oil on panel, by Carly Waito.
3. This print would work on literally anything; tshirt, mug, bag, door. Gold Zag Tray, by Up In The Air Somewhere.
4. I must have this signet ring. 'Wish Upon a Star' by Laura Lee.
5. If I had a motorcycle, I would wear 'The Pavillon' helmet, by Atelier Ruby.
6. I love both the dipped-in-glitter and gold-fine-liner looks, via La Creme Wedding.
7. Glitter dipping = instant treasure, by Copenhaven.
8. Tiny fridge magnet-style necklace initials, in rose gold, by Olive Yew from Uncovet.
9. Exquisitely renovated dresser, by Camille Styles. The sides of the drawers are a delicious peach!
10. Reinvent woodland creatures as cyber beasts. Gilded animals by Jana for Folk Magazine.



My middle son was off school on Monday after jumping out of a palm tree and spraining his ankle badly enough that he couldn't walk, the clown. He was delighted to be at home for the day, and jabbed me relentlessly in the face with the "Easy Crafts For Kids" tome, previously unopened. The pebble painting page caught my eye, as we had a large collection of smooth, flat river rocks sitting in the house, gathering dust. We decided to have a go at the characters from Little Red Riding Hood, using acrylic paint; Sonny painted the wolf, copying my paper drawing. He also designed the grandmother:

Little Red Riding Hood.

The Grandmother.

The Woodcutter.

The Wolf (I added the white eye dots and blue sky, but Sonny did the rest).