Returning to the topic of felt, what do you give two small children when their long awaited baby sister arrives? That's right; felted super hero eye masks. Of course.

I discovered Morris & Sons last week. What a treat. It's a crafting heaven tucked inside four gorgeous old walls, over two floors. It's not necessarily the cheapest, but it's stock is sublime and well worth the extra pennies. It includes woollen felt, hand-dyed in a wide range of covetable shades from pea green to lavender grey and brushed mole. Here's what I chose:

I played around with a few eye mask shapes, from batman to bandit to geek, settling upon a couple of variations on the classic 'flame-tipped' design, with a nod to Dame Edna. Here's a How To:

You'll need two colours of felt for each mask. Pin the template to one of the pieces and cut around it.

Remove the template and apply glue to the back of the felt shape. Glue* it to the second piece of felt, flatten under heavy books and allow to dry.

*Don't glue too close to the edges as this will make it difficult to sew through when the glue has dried.

When dry, use the top glued-on mask shape as a template (see above). Carefully cut around it so that you end up with a double layered eye mask. 

To attach the elastic to the mask (a 25-30cm length is about right to fit around a child's head), you'll first need to add felt 'stoppers' to each end of it (see below), to stop it slipping out from between the two layers of felt.

Once the stoppers are knotted onto the elastic, insert them between the two felt layers at the correct point to get the mask to sit across their eyes. Glue in place and allow to dry. All you need to do now is blanket stitch around the edges to finish, making sure you stitch through the elastic to further secure it.

Two fully-reversible super hero eye masks. I added some decorative stitching because I just couldn't leave them alone, so they're now a bit more gay pride than intended, but great for multi-use fancy dress.

Product trials.

The below photograph was taken the day before he welded Blu-Tack into his fringe at school, and cut it out while the supply teacher's back was turned. He looks really cool now. Really he does.

Background paper from Smiggle.