Inspired by the eye masks I made recently (post coming soon), the boys set about designing their own eyewear.

Children can make dress-up glasses from a single layer of felt; either hand-felted wool or acrylic craft felt (this is plenty good enough and comes in a wide range of colours including neons). Help them to draw around a pair of glasses on a piece of paper. Once they have the basic shape they can add wings/lightening strikes/eyelashes to make a more exciting silhouette. When they're happy with the design it can be cut out to create their template. Pin this to the felt and help them to cut the fabric around it. Poke a small hole through the finished specs on either side, and thread a length of elastic through. Tie both ends firmly and you're done.

Or they can make them out of cardboard instead, using the same method as above, which is what we did. Logan's Elton John c.1974 spectacles were particularly successful.