This week my youngest son found the hole punch, punched a selection of "dots" in his brothers' homework, and quietly glued them all over his toy boat. I only turned my back for a minute, I swear. It looked rather pretty though, so wondered if those dots might look just as nice on an egg.

They were quick to make (maybe half an hour per egg, including hole punching and egg blowing), and so flaming satisfying. Just a bit of PVA and 20 minutes drying time. I applied the green egg's dots randomly, and the speckled hen's dots in rows, creating a fish scale effect. The crepe paper (gold) worked particularly well as it moulded perfectly to the curves of the egg.

Probably not as much fun to smash as traditional cascarones (confetti on the inside), so I probably wouldn't bother trying. Please. Don't smash them.