Scribble something special this Easter, with PVA glue and glitter. Unfortunately for me PVA seems to be of a thinner consistency in Australia than at home, so what has previously been a quick drizzle-and-sprinkle exercise, became a lengthy application-with-toothpick process. A thicker glue holds its form better. Alternatively you could paint the glue on with a brush but you won't get the 3-D finish. Happy Easter weekend!



This week my youngest son found the hole punch, punched a selection of "dots" in his brothers' homework, and quietly glued them all over his toy boat. I only turned my back for a minute, I swear. It looked rather pretty though, so wondered if those dots might look just as nice on an egg.

They were quick to make (maybe half an hour per egg, including hole punching and egg blowing), and so flaming satisfying. Just a bit of PVA and 20 minutes drying time. I applied the green egg's dots randomly, and the speckled hen's dots in rows, creating a fish scale effect. The crepe paper (gold) worked particularly well as it moulded perfectly to the curves of the egg.

Probably not as much fun to smash as traditional cascarones (confetti on the inside), so I probably wouldn't bother trying. Please. Don't smash them.



A quick example of the gift wrap idea I suggested in my last post. Super simple. I got slightly mucky hands as I used an actual comic for this one (sister appalled at defacement of reading material), so would definitely recommend photocopies of pages instead. If you want to get the nippers involved, they can colour in the illustrations before you wrap.

Pages taken from Lee Falk's The Phantom "The Search for Mu", No. 1658.



Christmas may be behind us, but as I touched on last Feb, Birthday Fest has begun in earnest. This time of year finds me collating packages of treasures and tat (pretty much in equal quantities) for my nearest and dearest. So at the moment, I'm all about the wrapping paper. And as I'm freshly installed in a brand new country(!), I thought I'd do a little show and tell of a selection of those that delight the most from this part of the world. Here are my Top 10. Plus an additional idea at the end that you can easily do yourself.