Gosh it's been a while. Well...exciting plans afoot...we're off to Sydney for a year; 3 boys to re-school, 1 house to find, 1 house to re-paint and rent out, and a whole new country's craft and thrift to cast my beady eye over. Can't wait. Ish. Bit nervous. In amongst the planning there's still time for a bit of make-and-do. This week I had a go at constructing a piece of silver wire jewellery. I fashioned a ring from sterling silver wire (0.8mm for the main band, and 0.4mm for threading and wrapping), and a selection of costume crystals and old buttons. What a pleasant way to spend an evening. Thank you Forge ladies.



Party season is well and truly upon me, with the majority of kin and comrade's birthdays falling between January and March. The most significant (according to him) being my middle son's fourth birthday last weekend. Here are some Thank You cards expertly hand-finished by 2, 4 and 6 year old minions, using pen and crayon. We used 3"x5" pale blue index cards.

The Dormy printing kit is one of my best ever investments.